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New Club Colours

Many histories. One future.


The Tuggeranong Valley Australian Football Club (TVAFC) are proud to announce the release of our inaugural playing attire. 

The playing strip will be worn by all players across every grade and we are enormously proud, in the design of the attire, to embark on a bold new journey as #oneclub, whilst giving a strong and deeply respectful acknowledgement to the rich history of the Tuggeranong Valley Australian Rules clubs that came before us.

The new TVAFC jumper has been created with the identities and history of all four amalgamated clubs in mind, adopting the colours red, royal blue, white and gold. These colours have all been worn throughout the individual club’s histories at different times.  The TVAFC have adopted red as our dominant colour as it has featured in all Australian Rules clubs in the Tuggeranong Valley at some point in their history and seizes a unique place amongst the Canberra AFL competition.  The shorts are royal blue, as our secondary colour, representing as well the history of the Tuggeranong Valley Australian Rules clubs in years gone past.

The guernsey has a strong “V” on the front representing the Tuggeranong “Valley” and demonstrating a uniting of all of the Valley clubs coming together as one.  The TVAFC developed this guernsey to ensure a fresh new start for the Tuggeranong Valley Australian Rules community, but also to acknowledge and maintain a strong connection to the history of Valley Australian Rules football.

Whilst the guernsey is new it also allows every player past and present to feel connected to the clubs they played for in the Valley and know that they are still a massive part of the amalgamated club now and in the future.  We are four clubs amalgamated into one and our history and future are captured in the new design so that every person who has pulled on a Tuggeranong guernsey in the past, and who does so in the future remains connected.  The TVAFC is an Australian Rules Football Club representing the entire Tuggeranong Valley and we represent the Valley with pride. 

Whilst 2020 has presented some unprecedented challenges for the entire community we, like our new playing strip, remain strong and immensely confident of our future and look forward to hopefully soon getting all of our beloved footballing community out on the park.

© 2020 by Tuggeranong Football Club

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